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We have worked with Sharon for many years and her extensive industry experience combined with a thorough knowledge of our business and exceptional delivery skills have been instrumental in the development of many of our current and former Sales Trainees, several of whom who have since successfully progressed their careers into Management or Sales roles.

Earlier this year, I discussed the requirement for a bespoke sales training course for our newest Trainees as a supporting foundation as part of the early stages of their development programme. Sharon recommended the Sales Academy which contained all of the relevant content areas that are fundamental for those commencing an entry-level sales role – this was not just a standard sales course but a specifically tailored course and a realistic representation of builders merchants’ sales.

The Trainees who are completing the Sales Academy have flourished in terms of confidence, commercial understanding and negotiation skills over the past few months and they have all found the course to be engaging, informative and beneficial.  

I would not hesitate in recommending Sharon and the Strategic Professionals team for tailored training. They are absolutely fantastic! Hannah Caffrey, EH Smith

We needed help, advice and a pragmatic way to approach our Appraisal system from an Employee /ER perspective. We approached and asked Sharon Southcott from Strategic Professionals to tailor a training course for the Management Team so they could effectively conduct appraisals and alleviate the complacency of our employees. Sharon was competent, clear and forward thinking in her approach and fundamentally covered and delivered exactly what was required. She has an approachable disposition, wealth of knowledge and experience. We would, without hesitation use her again. In fact she has also delivered a Customer Value Course to our employees which has resulted in positive Customer satisfaction results.
We will definitely be utilising her expertise and services again in the future. Tim Pestell, Managing Director Saniflo Ltd

Sharon was assigned as my mentor to assist me through a very challenging time. I had taken on a new role, repatriated back to the UK with my family to follow and dealing with a particularly difficult board member. Her approach was superb, she talked through my perspective of the situation and then we went through other peoples’ perspective and expectations of me in the role. This highlighted two very important areas: 1) I had a few things that I could improve on and 2) I needed to learn how to deal with the individual. Sharon armed me with a short term strategy to contain the individual. This gave me the time to get my house in order and increase the trust and confidence of my MD and indeed the other members of the board. Her approach was direct but always fair, to the point but in a polite and helpful manner but the main thing that really hit home was it was open. There was no hidden agenda, the desired outcome and the path to get there was visible and clearly explained from the start. I would thoroughly recommend Sharon to any organisation that wants results and for their people to flourish in a strong, fair culture. Adrian Haigh, Operations Director JP Distribution Ltd

Strategic Professionals are responsive to the needs of their client, and when I refer to the client I include the needs of our organisation and the individual needs of the learner, all of the training resources are contextualised to the needs of our organisation and any support materials to the individual learning styles of our employees. The training adds value to our organisation as the sessions are delivered by a practitioner who can apply the theory to real work scenarios which brings the learning alive within the workshop setting. This then ensures that the management techniques are applied within the working environment which has a positive impact upon our business. Emily Leleu, Training Manager, EMR Group Limited.

I have worked with Sharon and Strategic Professionals team for a number of years for different projects and management / non-management training. Each project and training that we worked with her has made significant impact to my business and the team. I believe her expertise about kitchen and bathroom industry played a key factor of this success. Her added value to my business has certainly exceeded my expectations and every employee who received her tailor made training still benefit from it and are using their new skills every day. I highly recommend Sharon and Strategic Professional to any business who is seeking ‘a step forward’ during today’s challenging market place. Umut Dorttepe, Operations Manager ,VitrA UK

I have been studying towards my CMI level 7 diploma for a year through Strategic Professionals, alongside a management role in the public sector.

The flexibility offered through Strategic Professionals has been absolutely invaluable. Being able to have one-to-one tuition in my place of work at a time of my choosing has really helped not only minimise disruption to my day job, but actually integrate my course more into my full-time role.

Perhaps even more important though, has been the flexibility available over deadlines. Strategic Professionals have always supported and trusted me to use that flexibility when I have needed it during exceptionally busy periods, both in and out of work.

I have previously seen close friends really struggle to combine full-time work with courses similar to mine. The rigid frameworks imposed by many learning providers often punish busy professionals rather than being sympathetic to their already considerable workloads. Consequently, I fully recognise the value of the flexibility I have through Strategic Professionals. It has enabled me to improve the quality of my work, without compromising the quality of my life and health. Gareth Boulton, Deputy Chief Executive, West Mercia PCC

Strategic Professionals has been working with Neoperl for many years. Neoperl is the global leader in stream and flow control products and associated components for the OEM tap, faucet and showering industries, distributing on a global basis to all areas of the globe. The nature of their business meant that many external courses did not seem to hold great relevance, so they looked to partner with Sharon with regards to in house training in Sales and Marketing, Management and Mentoring. Sharon’s extensive experience within the KBB sector gives her the ability to tailor this training to suit the needs of the organisation, giving greater control and flexibility. Sharon has a professional and friendly approach, spiced with a good sense of humour. She creates a positive and effective atmosphere in which to learn, inspiring confidence with her motivation and unlocking individual potential. Lisa Douglas, Commercial Manager, Neoperl UK Ltd.

Having recently studied for a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification, on top of a full time job I did worry initially on how I would manage this. However as soon as I met Sharon and realised her personable and approachable work ethic this soon put me at ease. Sharon is one of the most informative, yet inspiring trainers I have come across in recent years, always willing to help guide or clarify any queries you may have. I am happy to say that through Sharon’s continuous support and encouragement I successfully completed my professional qualification and would not hesitate to recommend Sharon to colleagues or peers in the near future. Grace Walker, Content Marketing Strategist, Assistant Vice President, Barclays UK

I have worked with Sharon on various sales and management training projects for EH Smith. Sharon is a very knowledgeable trainer who has provided us with stimulating and informative training sessions with excellent content and pace. Her background from within the construction industry has proved her credibility with our employees at all levels. Her approach has worked particularly well with our Sales Trainees and Talent Management development programs.
Sharon exceeded my expectations in fully engaging our employees in a training environment and understanding each person’s individual needs whilst meeting the agreed learning outcomes required to meet our specific business training objectives. A very approachable, friendly and professional trainer. Adele Chambers, HR Manager, EH Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd.

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