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Training and mentoring consultancy, Strategic Professionals has been working with accessible showering specialist AKW Medi-Care Limited for over a decade. As one of the market’s leading inclusive bathroom companies, AKW is an organisation that places a great deal of importance on the growth and development of its employees. With an eye towards the future, they are constantly seeking to enhance the skills and abilities of the workforce. 

Strategic Professionals has provided tailored and effective programmes with the specific needs and goals of AKW in mind and have structured them in a way that ensures maximum engagement and learning retention among employees. Courses have included management programmes at various levels, soft skills training and sales training. In addition to courses Strategic Professionals also provide mentoring support to individual managers.

As a result, employees have not only been able to expand their skill sets and knowledge base but have also been able to apply these new abilities in practical and meaningful ways within the workplace. This has had a positive impact not only on the employees themselves, but also on the overall productivity and success of AKW as an organisation. Through this partnership, Strategic Professionals have been able to cleverly adapt their training programmes, so AKW employees are provided with the necessary resources and support to advance their careers and take on managerial roles with confidence. 

Helen Gascoyne-Davies, Group HR Director of AKW says: “The process of identifying skills gaps is crucial and working with Strategic Professionals helped us to understand where our employees needed support and how they can be better equipped to handle various challenges that may arise. This is particularly important in today’s fast-paced world where businesses must constantly innovate and adapt to remain competitive.-  Strategic Professionals have helped us to design a practical training programme that is linked to our strategic goals”

The long-term relationship between AKW and Strategic Professionals has meant that both organisations understand the goals and are aligned to continually invest in employee development.  Feedback within AKW is that employees feel comfortable as they participate in training or mentoring programmes in a relaxed and encouraging environment, which helps  to ensure  employees get the most out of their own career and personal development. This also helps AKW stay ahead of the competition within their industry. 

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